Guys, Want Out of Lulu? Reclaim Your Privacy In 4 Steps


Reclaim you Privacy: Several Readers Suggestions:lulu privacy

After the previous post on Lulu, several readers posted suggestions on how to get out of Lulu, or other apps that misbehave like Lulu.  Here is a summary – let us know what works.  As part of testing, it looks like my own data got sucked into Lulu so I will let you know.

Information you will use on all of this:

Lulu’s legal address in the US:

Luluvise Inc
 2711 Centerville Road
 Suit 400
 Wilmington, Delaware 19808
 United States

Lulu’s DMCA/Privacy address

Luluvise Inc.
 100 Marine Parkway
 Suite 300
 Redwood City, CA 94065
 USA  Legal Owners Address:

Luluvise Ltd
 33 Astley House
 Notting Hill Gate
 London, LONDON W11 3JQ
 United Kingdom

Additional Lulu info:

Phone (UK) +44.7966405671

Step 1 – Complain to Facebook

mail facebook privacyAnyone who has tried to complain to Facebook knows how challenging it can be — and how useless the answers usually are.  Except when they completely ignore it, like the comment we posted to their developer’s blog on Lulu’s violation of Facebook’s own policies.  But they do provide a postal address for privacy complaints – and as improbable as it may seem, postal records seem to attract more attention.  You can reclaim your privacy.

Go to{your facebook name} and copy the name and id that appear.  This will be used for all your complaints.

Suggested text:

I am contacting Facebook about an app that has been used to collect my personal information.  Since this app blocks male users on Facebook, I cannot access it to initiate a complaint online.APP URL:

Web App URL:

They are in violation of Facebook Platform Policies and Community Standards by allowing distribution of my personal Facebook information to third parties via their app, including my name and photographs, without my permission.  They block me from seeing how they are using this data, and provide no way for me to delete this information.

They are in violation of Facebook’s Statement of Rights and Responsibilities by discriminating against users based on gender and sexual preference.  Only women are allowed access to this application, to complete guided questionnaires about men loaded from Facebook concerning spending habits, preferences, and sexual activity.

I am demanding immediate termination of this application, and asking Facebook’s assistance in deleting my personal information from their servers.

Facebook Email Address:
Facebook ID:


Mail it to: Facebook Inc., 1601 Willow Road, Menlo Park, CA 94025.  Send it certified mail if you really want their attention,
Amazon Web Services

Step 2 – Complain to Amazon

Amazon?  Why Amazon?  Because Amazon is their hosting provider.

Send an email to:

I am complaining about a website hosted by Amazon., a domain hosted by you, which actively collects personally identifiable information via Facebook, and prevents men from accessing the site, deleting their personal information, or removing photographs of men like me.  They are violating Facebook’s terms and their own published terms and conditions.  They are violating their own terms and conditions.  They are storing personally identifiable information retained without my consent.  Please remove this information from your servers.  This information is stored based on my name and Facebook ID: {name and facebookid}

Step 3 – Complain to Lulu

Seriously?  Yes, actually.  They have a Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA) process on their site a risk serious legal liability if they don’t respond with your request to at least remove your photo.  Since your photo was pulled from Facebook without your permission, they are violating your copyright (or the photographer’s copyright) of that photo [learn more about photos and the web].  If you KNOW your photo is on Lulu, go to their Terms and Conditions page and scroll aaallll the way down to “DMCA Notice of Alleged Infringement.”  Follow the instructions and provide all the requested information, using something like “since I am a guy, I am blocked from the site and cannot provide the URL of the link where such material may be found.  To locate this information, use my name and my Facebook ID: {name and Facebook ID}.”

Send this to their DMCA/Privacy address.  Also, send a copy of the DMCA letter, your Facebook complaint and your Amazon complaint to their legal Delaware address.

Step 4 – Bring in the Feds

Federal Trade CommissionViolating a site’s privacy statement and terms and conditions is actually something the FTC busts companies over.  The FTC can help you reclaim your privacy. They are handing out fines!  Making an FTC complaint is a bit time-consuming, but you’ve come this far and can do it all on-line.  Go to:

After filling out your personal information:

  1. select “Other” > “Internet” > “Other Internet Practices”
  2. select “I have a complaint about my options (or lack of) for protecting my privacy on a website”
  3. select “Yes” to “Do you know the name of the company/individual involved in your complaint, or do you have any other information about them?”
  4. For the “Tell Us About The Company” use their Delaware address.  Then click “Add a Company” and add their California address.
  5. Click through to your information and fill it in.  Then move on to the Additional Info screen.  Suggested text:
I am complaining about a website in the US,  They use the provided US addresses on their site.  This domain is owned by a UK company according to their whois data. They actively collects personally identifiable information via Facebook, and prevent any men from accessing the site.  They provide no tools to delete personal information about me or removing photographs of men like me.  They are violating Facebook’s terms and their own published terms and conditions at They are storing personally identifiable information retained without my consent.

What If Lulu Doesn’t Like This?

Ah, those terms and conditions again. Lulu, like a lot of web sites who could actually care less about you as a person, trick you into agreeing to arbitration the minute you land on their page. They do this to limit their liability and to keep you from suing them. But this also means they can’t really do anything to you either. They would have to go to arbitration as well, and they would pay the costs.

So stand up for your privacy rights. Whatever they say, make ‘em say it to your face. Or at least buy you a drink first.


20 Responses

  1. Jackie Treehorn

    04/23/2013, 12:19 am

    Does Lulu at least notify men when their information has been shared by someone else?

  2. David

    06/07/2013, 08:19 am

    You can also try and get around their system and then gain access to the app to see yourself, your reviews, and if you want , to then give yourself a high score. They do make it hard for you to gain access to the app but it is possible.

    • longwood

      06/28/2013, 06:36 pm

      Informative, but it unfortunately does not help us Americans. While the stockholder is British, Lulu operates here as an independent domestic (Delaware, actually) corporation, and its activities in the USA do not fall under British or EU privacy statutes.

  3. Concerned in the Sunshise State

    10/09/2013, 12:46 pm

    I don’t know the in’s and out’s of this app, but given the nature of my relationships, this does raise a little concern….

    Here are some thoughts and possible solutions I thought of off the top of my head….I apologize if they have been mentioned before/elsewhere, but would like to get some feedback:

    What if you just change your sex on FB to female, and then hide it from your timeline…..would that:

    a) exclude you from their database since you’re technically not a Male (or is this app also intended to critique rug munching experiences?) and/or
    b) allow you to go in and monitor your profile and rate yourself (and others)?

    Who searches for you on FB by sex anyway? That can only be used to catalog you more accurately in databases and nothing else (that I can think of)…unless you really like targeted advertising.

    c) Taking a more guerilla approach, I guess if you really wanted to, you could create a bunch of fake Female FB accounts and also go in and rate yourself (and friends) and make yourselves look like a stud. For one, I bet FB would not be very happy about thousands of pissed off guys creating dozens of fake profiles each and would consequently be pretty motivated to not share private information. Also, if this caught on it would completely compromise the integrity of the information on that app, eventually leading it to fail…


  4. Justin Banner

    10/17/2013, 05:25 am

    Not that hard to have your profile taken down. I just went to the lulu website, clicked to join, there is a setting that as a guy I can see the profile that was created for me. not much information is available about what is said about me but on the settings tab there is an option to “take down profile” Click it, you are done and can stop worrying about what high school girls say about you when they go to the bathroom in groups.

    • longwood

      12/01/2013, 04:39 am

      First – and most dangerous – by clicking and joining in order to delete your profile, you are agreeing to the Lulu terms and conditions over your personal information. This does NOT remove the data they have collected from your Facebook profile. This also means you agree not to seek any legal recourse in the future, that Lulu can use the collected data as they see fit, etc.

    • longwood

      12/01/2013, 04:44 am

      By using that option you agree to all of Lulu’s terms and conditions. Including:

      You agree to defend, indemnify, and hold Luluvise, its officers, directors, employees and agents, harmless from and against any claims, liabilities, damages, losses, and expenses, including, without limitation, reasonable legal and accounting fees, arising out of or in any way connected with your access to or use of the Sites, Services, Application, Mobile Web Environment or Collective Content, or your violation of these Terms.

    • longwood

      12/01/2013, 04:42 am

      First – and most dangerous – by clicking and joining in order to delete your profile, you are agreeing to the Lulu terms and conditions over your personal information. You lose any legal recourse by connecting your Facebook profile on the deactivate page. This does NOT remove the data they have collected from your Facebook profile.

      You agree to release us, our parent, subsidiaries and affiliated entities and ours and their shareholders, officers, directors, employees and agents, successors and assigns from all claims, demands, damages, losses, liabilities of every kind, know and unknown, direct and contingent, disclosed and undisclosed, arising out of or in any way related to the release or use of such information by third parties. If you are a California resident, you waive California Civil Code Section 1542, which says: “A general release does not extend to claims which the creditor does not know or suspect to exist in his favor at the time of executing the release, which, if known by him must have materially affected his settlement with the debtor.

  5. Neil

    12/11/2013, 09:34 am

    What about turning off ‘platform applications’ on Facebook – doesn’t that stop apps like this from working?

  6. Mike

    03/03/2014, 07:43 am

    i went onto the lulu website and asked to be removed under the remove mr profile section. Yet i have not been removed yet and its been more than the 48 hours they promised. any one else have this happen or know what to do


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