Prying is the new pampering

, , 1 Comment take a look at how one industry uses your social media content.  Whether its creative or creepy is up to you to decide.  From “What your hotel knows about you” :

“A guest’s Twitter feed can provide information that they aren’t even telling you — and then you can really surprise them,” notes Leondakis. “For instance, maybe the hotel will find out the guest is an advocate for LGBT rights, in which case the staff can personalize the welcome amenity by including a magazine they would identify with. Something unique and personal that says: This is just for you.”

social media hotel and hospitalitySome upscale hotels and resorts are among the early adopters of Libra OnDemand.   This cloud-based CRM does more than power loyalty programs.  According to a Libra press release (quoted in the NBC story without attribution), the integration with Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook allows client companies to “learn more about the guests themselves.”

As uncomfortable as it may make you feel, try this the next time one of these loyalty programs hits you up for your Twitter or Facebook account. Give them a username of someone rich, who tips big, and enjoys expensive wine and meals.  At least you reduce the risk getting a gift  for a dog when you check in.

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